Translate talent metrics to actionable business insights for leadership

Praisidio is the leading solution for finding and sharing correlations between talent and business results.

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Reduce attrition and improve employee experience at scale with Praisidio, the leader in employee retention software.

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Make business impacts visible to leadership

The impacts of talent are often hidden from the C-suite by a lack of data and correlation. Praisidio makes it easy to understand and share the impacts of employee experience on business results.

Bring confidence to talent decisions

With Praisidio, HR metrics are expressed in understandable and actionable business terms. Talent risks like workload, burnout, and maker time can be directly connected to your most important KPIs so that leaders can track and address issues in real-time.

“Utilizing Praisidio, we quantitatively demonstrated to our executives how people analytics can impact the business with improved NPS, which directly impacted the top line”

From hunch to fact

A large services company believed they should invest in their highly tenured customer support professionals, but needed to be sure they would see a return. With Praisidio, the people analytics team was able to directly correlate longer staff experience with faster resolution of customer issues and an outsized impact on net promoter score.

Prove ROI on talent initiatives

Praisidio makes it possible to pinpoint and communicate which talent risks and initiatives are affecting business-critical KPIs, like sales productivity, customer experience, or product delivery. With Praisidio, people analytics professionals can make the returns on talent initiatives crystal clear.

Give leadership the talent data they need

Clear correlations between talent and business results are essential for decision-making. Schedule a meeting to see how Praisidio can help better inform your leadership.

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