May 15, 2020
Procaire™ Adds Remote Worker and High Impact Visibility Features to Reward Productivity, Anticipate & Mitigate Critical Attrition Risk

Menlo Park, CA – May 15, 2020 – Early stage artificial intelligence software company Praisidio™, whose mission is to help protect enterprise companies with data-driven, augmented intelligence to manage talent risks across the workforce, is introducing new capabilities during the shift to remote work during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond. The company has expanded the capabilities of Procaire™, its talent risk management AI software, to allow managers to focus on the attrition and productivity risks of high-impact, highly productive employees and remote workforces.  

“Procaire can now determine who the most productive, high-impact employees and groups are along with those performing below expectations,” says Ken Klein, Praisidio CEO and co-founder. “These new capabilities provide the crucial visibility and insights needed to reward exceptional talent working remotely, monitor overall worker productivity for more effective management, and anticipate and proactively mitigate workforce attrition.”

For those considered to be the top managers, critical individual contributors, key influencers, and high-performing employee groups within an organization, the dashboard provides visualizations to show who poses the greatest risks of attrition, which continues to be an ongoing threat during this crisis. The Procaire software also lets management see and manage trending productivity among enterprise employees overall, including those working from home, who now include nearly everyone.“

Procaire continues to provide early risk detection, prioritization, explanations, and action workflows to mitigate employee attrition risk,” said Vahed Qazvinian, Praisidio CTO and co-founder,  “but now it displays productivity measurements, too, providing a window into the work of top performers and others working remotely.”

The software ingests meta-data from multiple sources to derive tens of thousands of parameters. It uses Organizational Network Analysis techniques in a patent-pending algorithm to help analyze and visualize formal and informal relationships to detect the productivity of stars and key influencers within organizations.

Procaire also offers detailed risk-factor explanations that may be adversely impacting performance, contextual recommendations to materially reduce attrition risk, and historical comparisons of the work activity of remote workers to see performance over time. It aggregates and displays productivity by individual, group, team, project, cohort, location, leaderboard, and other views.