The foundation of feeling cared for is feeling safe.

The information that Praisidio relies on is public and already exists within your organization. Our platform analyzes metadata including workload, relationships, development, promotional history, compensation and recognition , predicting trends of burnout, stagnation, and other risks in real-time, through an SOC II certified computational workflow. Everything is sourced from your enterprise's communications, development, and business systems.

Data and talent visibility.

Our platform aggregates and displays talent risk sorted by individual, group, team, project, cohort, location, gender, and other filters. Risk levels are flagged as low, medium, or high.

Talent risk insight generation.

Praisidio offers detailed explanations of determined risk factors that may be adversely impacting employee or team performance.

Care and retention actions.

Advised actions can be added to employee care workflows. Praisidio also provides accountability for workforce retention strategies, internal reporting, and compliance requirements.

Organization and record-keeping.

Experience a "one stop shop" to enter, categorize, and annotate all of your critical employee data.

How it all comes together.

Unify your data sources.

See a fuller picture of each employee by making sense of their emerging behavior trends across maker systems, collaboration systems, and human capital management systems.

Visualize and understand attrition risk.

Using the Praisidio dashboard, managers and executives see employees and groups posing the greatest risk of attrition as well as high-performing talent that requires care.

Act on bespoke, contextual recommendations.

Praisidio empowers your HR professionals with actionable, trackable recommendations based on existing management best practices.

Prevention is always better than cure. Book a demo with one of our retention experts to see how Praisidio can help you solve turnover 6 months before it happens.