The Importance of Maker Time

May 29, 2022
Gabriel Mičko
The Importance of Maker Time

What is maker time?

Maker time is long, uninterrupted blocks of time reserved to focus on cognitively demanding tasks. It is fundamental for an individual to dedicate uninterrupted hours to core tasks, essentially getting into a state of flow and performing at peak productivity. Interruptions during maker time make it difficult to concentrate.

Why is it important?

Distractions negatively affect focus and productivity. Being distracted frequently from core tasks are likely to limit the potential of the employee and often leads to burnout

According to research, 46% of HR leaders say employee burnout is responsible for up to half (20% to 50%, specifically) of annual workforce turnover.

How do we measure it?

Praisidio connects to services like Google Suite and Microsoft 365 to analyze calendar events. By using calendar events and running it through smart algorithms, we are able to estimate maker time. In creating these algorithms, we took into account multiple factors. We don’t consider time between meetings that is less than two hours to be productive. We learned that even thinking when a meeting might be, and remembering to go, can be disruptive. To maintain high accuracy, we detect false positives such as self-scheduled focus time events.

Customer case study

In the following  example, a Praisidio customer was able to cross-reference maker time with performance review information. The maker time value in this case is based on a 40-hour work week. In the example below, those who exceeded expectations had an average of 29.7 maker time hours a week. There was a direct correlation between maker time and performance review ratings.

Praisidio helped this customer learn that people who needed improvement had very low maker time (just 18.2 hours per week). They took action and helped employees  reorganize meetings to create more maker time, canceled unimportant meetings, and made non-essential  meetings optional.

As a result, they were able to free up 3 hours per employee per week in a very short period of time. This might seem exiguous, but it is not:

3 hours of maker time per week x 1000 employees =3000 hours per week

This improvement added 3000 work hours a week to the organization, which is equivalent to gaining 75 new employees.

Enter Praisidio

Through machine learning-driven retention path™ technology we identify employees with low maker time and let our customers compare them with their peers who have the same job title and job level. We enable customers to take targeted action in those cases. We provide values over time, so customers can see the results of their actions.

If you are interested in discovering lost maker time in your organization or want to learn more, reach out to us at or let us know here.

Gabriel Mičko is a software engineer at Praisidio