Proactively solve talent issues with the leader in talent intelligence

Take the guesswork out of talent management with reliable insights and interventions.

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Reduce attrition and improve employee experience at scale with Praisidio, the leader in employee retention software.

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Replace stale survey data with actionable insights

Transition from reactive analytics to real-time, actionable recommendations. Praisidio gives your team the insights and recommendations they need to solve talent issues at scale, without ever having to send another survey.

“With Praisidio, we were able to proactively improve the work-life and retention of our critical and key employees saving millions of dollars for our business.”

More connection for better retention

A life sciences company needed to identify and solve a significant retention disparity between managers. With Praisidio, they diagnosed the root cause as disconnection and revealed that employees at high risk of attrition had 75% fewer meetings with leadership. Praisidio recommended the organization improve access to one-on-one and skip-level meetings with leadership and, as a result, the organization experienced a dramatic improvement in employee retention.

Solves risks before they become liabilities

Praisidio gives you the ability to look 6 months ahead and solve talent issues in their infancy. Tackle problems like burnout, stagnation, and pay gaps earlier with AI-powered workflows and recommendations.

Profit from better talent management

Talent management should be a business initiative you can rely on. Schedule a meeting to discover how Praisidio can help your team identify and solve talent risks at scale.

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