Drive business results from the data you already have

Praisidio is the leading solution for talent insights and understanding the impacts of talent on business KPIs like increased sales productivity, faster product delivery, and improved customer experience.

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Reduce attrition and improve employee experience at scale with Praisidio, the leader in employee retention software.

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Turn your HCM and business data into critical insights

Praisidio seamlessly unites your HCM and business data, then applies advanced analytics to give you talent insights in real-time. Allowing your HR team to make better-informed talent decisions at scale.

A new generation of talent insights

Move beyond the limits of people analytics with Praisidio’s AI-powered talent insights. Instantly see talent risks and understand the causes with predictive, evidence-based insights such as burnout, performance, and productivity issues.

“With Praisidio, none of our engineering projects were late for the first time in years. It’s a must- have tool for people analytics teams”

10% greater capacity without new hires

A large tech company implemented Praisidio in a critical development team of over 1,000 employees. Meeting load issues and a shortage of maker time were quickly identified. Working with development directors, more than 100 FTE of maker time was freed up, improving development capacity by more than 10% while reducing burnout, improving retention, and unleashing productivity gains.

Understand the impacts of talent risks and initiatives

Praisidio gives clarity about the impacts talent risks and initiatives are having on your business-critical KPIs. Monitor your talent efforts in real-time and see the resultant impact on KPIs like sales productivity, customer experience, and product delivery.

Turn your data into business results

See how Praisidio can give your HR team the insights it needs to drive and monitor business results.

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