Develop and train your managers most in need

Solve management-related risks in real time. Praisidio makes it easy to identify which managers need development the most.

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Understand which managers are your greatest risk

Without the right training and development, managers can be a driver of employee resignations and attrition. Identifying management-related risks is essential for focusing your L&D spend and boosting retention.

See and tackle manager development risks at scale

Praisidio uses predictive people analytics to identify at-risk managers in need of learning and development. It also makes development easy to handle with actionable recommendations per employee.

Easily identify managers in need of development

Easy-to-understand dashboards show management-related risks across your organization. Instant analysis identifies trends, gives you powerful internal benchmarks, and creates risk profiles per manager.

Train the right manager at the right time

Target your learning and development plans to the actual needs of your managers. Praisidio helps you intervene early and accurately with actionable growth recommendations presented in real time.

How to find and help managers in need of training and development

Connect Praisidio to your existing data sources in a matter of minutes

Machine learning analyses for management risks

Tailored action plans help you drive efficient, targeted manager training

Taking control of manager development doesn’t have to be difficult. See how Praisidio can help detect, analyze, and solve manager risks for your org.