Real-Time Pay Equity Analysis

Create real-time pay equity reports and automatically analyze pay equity risks without stretching your team. It’s simple with Praisidio.

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Close the pay gap before it’s too late

Pay equity is not just a reporting headache. It could be costing you millions in staff turnover. Without clear oversight of inequalities in your organization, you risk running blind on an essential metric for corporate management and compliance.

Real-time pay gap reporting

To retain talent and ensure equitable pay at scale, you need real-time pay gap analysis. Praisidio hooks into your existing data and delivers pay equity risks per cohort and individual, presented in an easy-to-use dashboard.

Instant reporting for legal compliance

Traditionally, pay gap reporting can take weeks of data gathering and analysis. Praisidio does it with a single click. At any moment throughout the year, instantly generate reports that break down inequality by gender, race, role, and department.

Actionable workflows for solving pay gap problems

Identifying pay gaps is one thing, tackling them is another. Praisidio provides actionable insights to help you tackle pay gap issues without adding to your team’s workload. Receive alerts to pay disparities and solve them with custom workflows tailored to the problem detected.

How to analyze and solve pay gaps in your org

Connect Praisidio to your existing data sources in a matter of minutes

Praisidio analyses for inequality and pay gaps

Intervene with actionable workflows tailored to the risks detected

Tackling pay equity doesn’t have to be difficult. See how Praisidio can help detect, analyze, report, and solve pay inequality for your org.