Understand and Improve Employee Connnection in the Workplace

Get real-time insights about staff connection to prevent attrition and empower decision-making.
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The importance of connection in the workplace

Connectivity is essential for a resilient and productive workforce. Without a tactile understanding of employee connection, you risk losing staff to isolation and you hamper your ability to judge the consequences of layoffs or restructuring.

See employee connections in real-time

Praisidio uses predictive people analytics to identify hidden or missing employee connections across your org and pinpoints risks at the cohort, or individual level. Easy-to-understand dashboards allow you to see which employees are at risk of isolation and which employees are hidden lynchpins.

Build employee connection proactively and reliably

Instant analysis and recommendations allow you to target employees most at risk. Actionable workflows make intervention straightforward and lightweight, giving you the ability to build connectivity without stretching your team or budget.

Plan with an understanding of connections

Org charts seldom reflect the true connections in an organization. Praisidio reveals the most valuable connections in your company so that you can foresee the impacts of premature departure and plan more accurately for mergers and acquisitions.

How to see and analyze employee connections in your org

Connect Praisidio to your existing data sources in a matter of minutes

Praisidio analyses for missing or hidden connections across your org

Use actionable insights to connect those at risk and plan more reliably for the future

See how Praisidio's talent intelligence can help detect, analyze, and solve employee connection risks for your org.