Protect your enterprise, care for your employees

Praisidio™ is focused on protecting your enterprise by mitigating talent risk through the use of a new generation of augmented intelligence tools that help do a better job of caring for your employees.

Talent is the #1 Enterprise Risk

Talent is unmistakable. You know it when you see it. In every job, in every person, talent can transform any endeavor and deliver higher levels of achievement and satisfaction.  It’s no wonder that most enterprise organizations consider talent to be their most valuable asset. Even in our brave new world of machine intelligence, talented employees form the wellspring of innovation and help propel companies to success.
Talent is so mission-critical today that it’s considered a key risk factor to be managed alongside financial, operational, strategic, and compliance risks. Yet talent is the enterprise risk management (ERM) component that nobody’s talking about or addressing. Fortunately, a new generation of data-driven, digital tools are poised to help manage talent risk, which costs enterprise companies a trillion dollars a year. 

Our mission and beliefs

Praisidio — from the Latin word praesidio, protection — is an early stage artificial intelligence software company. Our mission is to help protect enterprise companies with data-driven, augmented intelligence to help manage talent risks across the workforce by doing a better job of caring for employees.
Changing jobs every few years is a hassle for individuals and a huge revenue drain for companies. Every employee wants to feel stimulated, connected, and valued. While every executive and manager understands this, most struggle to find the best practices and tools to ensure how to meet and accurately manage and measure those goals. 

Praisidio believes that technology is a powerful tool that can help make things better where people and processes have failed us. We believe that data can provide early detection of workforce issues and provide proactive recommendations to protect enterprise talent.

Stay Tuned for Procaire

How do enterprise companies manage talent risk at scale? How is talent risk detected, assessed, and mitigated? Those are some of the challenges that we set out to tackle using metadata and artificial intelligence techniques.

Stay tuned for the spring 2020 unveiling of Procaire™ software, a first-of-its-kind ERM solution for the talent-centric digital enterprise. Procaire software will deliver AI-powered, enterprise-scale talent protection. Our beta customers say it’s going to revolutionize the way talent risk is quantified and managed. 
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