You can ask your employees how they feel, or you can be sure.

Mitigating talent risk means effectively caring for individual employees at scale. Through our Procaire platform, we're committed to reducing your enterprise's workforce attrition by 10% or more.

The fabric of enterprise is stretching like never before.

As remote work policies and other attractive benefits target skilled, essential employees, retention has become a desperate issue. Human Resources professionals need new, better tools to protect and care for their workforces. Enter Procaire: a platform that distills critical, actionable insights from your enterprise's existing, untapped metadata.

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Procaire: the answer to attrition.

An AI-driven, software-as-a-service (SaaS) Talent Retention Management tool, Procaire uses communications, development, and business systems metadata processed using machine learning algorithms to help managers visualize, understand, and act on concerning trends affecting teams and individual employees.

Thousands of parameters considered.
Earlier risk detection and resolution.
A more stimulating, enjoyable, and fruitful work experience.

Customers who put their trust in our platform.

We're working closely (and continuously) on employee care plans with a growing roster of enterprise partners.

"Procaire is a dream come true- it’s a game changer- we’re engaging our at-risk employees right now!”

"Congratulations, you’ve built a silver bullet- it’s a leap-frog product- now with Procaire we can see the unseen!"

"We have 6,000 employees and attrition is a huge challenge for us- Procaire is exceptional- 1000x better than what we’ve been doing!"

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