Real-time talent intelligence for

superior employee retention

Reduce your workforce attrition by 20% or more with real-time talent-risk visibility and a clear view of the root causes. Advanced machine learning, custom benchmarks, and employee retention flows empower you to act before it's too late.

Improve your employee experience and the bottom-line

Employee turnover costs $1 trillion annually and is the #1 operational risk today. To solve it, you need real-time visibility of your human capital and actionable steps for activating and engaging your employees. Praisidio delivers this and more without burdening your already stretched resources.

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Essential retention insights without the leg work

Praisidio applies cutting-edge AI to your existing data so that you can easily visualize, understand, and act on risks affecting teams and individuals. All in real-time to better inform your current actions and your future decisions.

Detect risks far earlier

Reduce attrition and boost productivity

Quick setup and easy-to-understand dashboards

Prevention is always better than cure. Book a demo with one of our retention experts to see how Praisidio can help you solve turnover 6 months before it happens.