Prevent Employee Burnout with Advanced Talent Intelligence

See and solve burnout risks at scale with the leading burnout prevention software. Understand risks per employee and the actions required to prevent burnout.

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Solve employee burnout before it happens

Burnout costs corporations tens of millions annually in lost productivity, and hiring and training costs. Not to mention the impacts on health and morale. Praisidio makes it possible to intervene early and solve burnout before it strikes.

Prevent employee burnout at scale

Praisidio gives you tangible insight into the burnout risks across your organization, identifying those most at risk and the root causes. Actionable plans per employee allow you to prevent burnout in the early stages before it becomes acute.

See employee burnout risks six months in advance

With Praisidio, it’s simple to look ahead and understand who’s at risk of burnout and why. Easy-to-understand dashboards reveal hidden burnout risks and show trends at multiple levels, from the individual through to teams and cohorts.

Intervene early with targeted action plans

Prevention is always better than cure. Praisidio gives you actionable workflows tailored to all employees at risk of burnout. This allows you to proactively prevent employee burnout without additional processes or stretching your HR team.

How to identify risks and prevent employee burnout in your org

Connect Praisidio to your existing data sources in a matter of minutes

Praisidio analyses for burnout risks, trends, and root causes

Intervene with actionable workflows tailored to the risks detected

Tackling burnout doesn’t have to be difficult. See how Praisidio’s predictive people analytics can help detect, analyze, and solve burnout before it happens.