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Any company size

$0 / 90-day trial

Key features

✓   1 HRIS integration

✓   Data health check

✓   Step-by-step data integration assistance

✓   Security check

✓   Ask unlimited prompts

✓   Access to prompt library

✓   Collections (saved prompts)

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Up to 500 employees

$5K / annually

Everything in Free, and

✓   1 ATS integration

✓   1 spreadsheet integration

✓   Slack integration

✓   Standard metrics

✓   Standard dashboards

✓   Access controls

✓   Ongoing support

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Any company size

Custom pricing

Everything in Pro, and

✓   Unlimited HRIS and ATS Integrations

✓   Unlimited custom data source / spreadsheet integration

✓   Business system integrations (Calendar, Salesforce, GitHub, etc.)

✓   Custom-defined metrics

✓   Custom dashboards

✓   Advanced permission controls

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Used by HR and business leaders at:

Integration process

With Praisidio you can unify siloed data from various systems for immediate answers to all your people questions.


✓   A complementary data health check

✓   Step-by-step integration assistance

✓   Security (SOC2 Type II, GDPR)

✓   Integrations based on your needs

time estimation

✓   API based services Bamboo, Smart Recruiter, Greenhouse: 2 hours

✓   Workday reports: 2-4 days

✓   Spreadsheet formats (Performance, Recognition, Time Tracking, HRIS): 4-7 days

✓   Model Training 1 week

Why HR leaders are embracing Praisidio

A very powerful tool and a great team to back it up!
Immediate insights in the room where decisions happen makes such a strong, positive impact.
A must-have tool in any modern HR tech stack.

Frequently asked questions

What if my HCM or business data isn’t perfect?

Most organizations don’t have perfect data, but nearly all have enough data to generate meaningful analysis. At setup, the Praisidio team will help with data alignment, ensuring that you get the most from what you have.

Will my analysis be based on just my data?

Unlike other people analytics providers, Praisidio does not combine your data with that of others and gives insights based solely on your data. Your installation is trained purely on your data and gives answers that are only relevant and accurate to your org.

Is Praisidio more affordable than legacy people analytics platforms?

Praisidio is around 1/10th the cost of using legacy people analytics systems and workflows. Machine learning and generative AI dramatically reduce the labor required while providing you insights in seconds instead of weeks.

What if I already have an HR tech stack?

Praisidio integrates seamlessly with your existing tech and multiplies its value by unifying the data from your various disparate systems.

How does Praisidio compare to roll-your-own business intelligence (BI)?

Praisidio’s AI chat interface is far simpler to use than BI. Praisidio is also up to 100 times faster to use and gives predictive insights that BI never could.

Will I need a dedicated people analytics team or role?

With Praisidio, you don’t need a dedicated people analytics team or role. We built Praisidio from the ground up to be used by anyone in an HR or leadership role.

What if my HCM already does analytics?

Praisidio combines your HCM data with business data to provide valuable insights in areas that your HCM couldn’t alone, like salesforce productivity, customer experience, ops efficiency, and product delivery.

Will sensitive data be visible to everyone in my org?

Praisidio has built-in security guardrails. Fine-grain role-based access controls ensure that sensitive data is only seen by those with authorization.

How long does it take to get started?

Integration and onboarding takes a single day. If your data requires cleaning and alignment, we'll do this at no charge in the following days.