Streamline workforce planning with instant AI analysis and insights

Speed up organizational design and change management with the right data when you need it most.

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Workforce planning analysis simplified to a conversation

Leave behind endless spreadsheets and complicated data gathering. Praisidio gives you instant and predictive workforce planning insights.
All you have to do is ask.

1. Ask a question

Type questions and get answers that are actionable and easy to understand.

2. Drill down

Make comparisons and look at problems from different angles.

3. Act and align

Share insights across your org to drive performance and business outcomes.

All your planning insights in one place

Simplify the process of org design with a bird’s eye view of resources and demands. Instantly map employee allocation and bring clarity to reporting.

Bring confidence to change and transformation management with up-to-the-minute insights about your current and upcoming internal landscape. Understand with greater depth the impact of decisions and then allocate resources with agility and precision.

Fast, flexible, workforce analysis that anyone can use

Praisidio takes the busywork out of workforce planning so that your HR and leadership team can quickly unearth the workforce insights they’re looking for. No experience in data analysis required.

100x faster

Than manual people analytics turnaround

the cost

Of legacy people analytics software

Instant answers

To all talent-related business questions

Why HR leaders are embracing Praisidio

A very powerful tool and a great team to back it up!
Immediate insights in the room where decisions happen makes such a strong, positive impact.
A must-have tool in any modern HR tech stack.

Your HR and business data united for better planning

Praisidio empowers you to plan more robustly and reliably by integrating up to 40 different data sources into a single real-time feed, ready for instant analysis at any moment.

Frequently asked questions

What else can I do with Praisidio?

Praisidio is used by HR and leadership to generate analysis on the fly for any topic related to talent or their impact on the organization. Analysis can be either real time or predictive.

Will sensitive data be visible to everyone in my org?

Praisidio has built-in security guardrails. Fine-grain role-based access controls ensure that sensitive data is only seen by those with authorization.

How long does it take to get started?

Integration and onboarding takes a single day. If your data requires cleaning and alignment, we'll do this at no charge in the following days.

Get instant answers to your workforce planning questions today

Give your HR and leadership the data they need to make nimble decisions and plan with confidence.