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We’re on a mission to give everyone the power of people analytics, regardless of their business size or data prowess.

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Unlocking the potential of HR professionals

We believe that HR professionals have the potential to drive outsized business results in organizations of all sizes. By making people analytics easy to use, understand, and execute, we give HR leaders everything they need to access the right data at the right time — ensuring they can act in the moment.

Leading the way for AI in HR

At Praisidio, we’re passionate about AI and HR. We combine a first-hand understanding of the challenges faced by HR teams with our deep understanding of AI and machine learning. We create our patented AI technologies in-house, leaning on the industry-leading experience of our uniquely qualified team.

A community of experienced HR professionals

Dermot O'Brien

Global HR leader

Homa Bahrami

Author and senior lecturer

Vahed Qazvinian

Co-founder and AI expert

Larry McAlister

Author and HR leader

John Renfro

Global HR leader

Ken Klein

Co-founder and enterprise leader

Allison Baum Gates

Author and HR thought-leader

Gail Jacobs

People operations leader

Jim Basile

Leadership and organizational consultant

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