Improve employee performance and retention with the leader in integrated people analytics

Simplify workforce planning, performance management, and talent risk management with instant insights about your employees.


Reduce attrition and improve employee experience at scale with Praisidio, the leader in employee retention software.

See and solve talent risks at scale

Risk analysis

Reveal talent risks early and see which employees need support.

Real-time talent insights

Leave surveys behind with real-time insights you can trust.

Actionable solutions

Use bespoke recommendations to act quickly and efficiently.

”Before Praisidio, I had no idea HR could have such a powerful impact on our business goals.”
— HR Leader, Global Data Security Co

Improve employee performance with the Praisidio talent intelligence platform

Understand and resolve talent performance issues at scale with real-time analysis. Intervene early with smart recommendations and boost performance across entire teams and functions.

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Beat the KPIs that matter most

Praisidio turns your HCM and business data into KPI-beating initiatives. Use talent intelligence to make visible impacts on core business metrics, like sales productivity, product delivery, customer retention, or NPS scores.

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Drive up employee retention

Praisidio makes retention simple with the power of talent intelligence. Praisidio connects to your public internal data and turns it into meaningful talent insights and easy-to-implement retention actions. No data scientist required.

Pinpoint your risks in real time

Clear, easy-to-use dashboards reveal your talent risks in real-time, ranking them from low to high. Easily discover hidden trends related to topics like gender, location, and manager. Then use actionable workflows to solve issues without stretching your team.

The award-winning talent intelligence platform

Get the insights you need with predictive talent intelligence

Solve pay inequity

Discover and solve inequality in pay based on factors like race and gender.

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Prevent burnout

See who's at breaking point and understand the root causes.

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Improve performance

Reveal factors hampering performance and release employee potential.

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Build and understand connections

Find isolated employees and develop deeper connections.

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Report pay data

Automatically compile SB-1162 and other pay data reports.

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Develop your management

Prioritize which managers receive L&D based on their risk profile.

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Save millions on lost performance

Tackle talent risks head-on with early intervention. Identify risks months ahead of time, so you can solve them before they impact your bottom line. Praisidio has helped companies recapture up to 100 FTEs of productivity for every 1000 employees.

Make decisions with confidence and rigor

Understanding employee talent risks is essential for reliable and objective decision making. Guide your leadership team through difficult times, and potential M&As, with robust analysis that's always current and up-to-date.

”With Praisidio, none of our engineering projects were late for the first time in years. It’s a must-have tool for people analytics teams.”

Improve retention and performance the smart way

People management is a 21st century problem that requires a contemporary solution. See exactly what's hampering your employees and stop relying on infrequent and inaccurate surveys.

How Praisidio works

Connect your data

Plug in your existing data. We use only publicly available data within your org.

Predictive people analytics

See insights and analysis in simple dashboards, whenever you need it.

Drive results

Follow bespoke recommendations to help employees, managers, and teams.

Praisidio is a dream come true–it’s a game changer. We’re engaging our at-risk employees right now!

Gail Jacobs, VP, People Ops, Guardant Health

Get started with the leading talent intelligence platform

Prevention is always better than cure. Book a demo with one of our experts to see how the Praisidio talent intelligence platform can help you solve talent and performance issues months in advance.

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Prevention is always better than cure. Book a demo with one of our retention experts to see how Praisidio can help you solve turnover 6 months before it happens.