Praisidio Uses Machine Learning to Identify At-Risk Employees and Build Tailored Retention Plans With Procaire 3.0

April 6, 2022
Praisidio, Inc.
Praisidio Uses Machine Learning to Identify At-Risk Employees and Build Tailored Retention Plans With Procaire 3.0

New machine learning-driven retention path™ technology identifies urgently needed actions and enables HR executives to take immediate steps to retain at-risk employees

(SAN FRANCISCO—April 5, 2022) Praisidio, the leader in talent retention management, today announced the general availability of Procaire 3.0, which includes new patent-pending retention path functionality. Retention paths, auto-generated by machine learning technology, feature curated groups of employees with similar risk factors and include specific retention recommendations. Support for user-defined retention paths is also provided.

Procaire 3.0’s retention recommendation engine presents contextually effective recommendations which HR professionals may choose and track. Retention paths enable HR leaders to take immediate actions to significantly reduce voluntary employee attrition. 

Additionally, Procaire 3.0 includes retention impact dashboards that reflect in real-time the cumulative business impact of implemented retention actions.  Metrics shown include retention improvement, maker time increases, management one-on-one improvement, time in role decreases, etc.

“Procaire provides us early visibility into the causes of attrition,  recommends retention activities, and measures the impact of our HR organization's proactive actions. With Procaire retention paths, we were able to identify the main causes of attrition with employees grouped into risk and cause cohorts, allowing us to target retention activities across the company," said Gail Jacobs,  Head of Talent and HR Operations, Guardant Health.

“With Procaire retention paths, I was able to identify the main problems in my organization and help our employees. In one example, I helped my organization increase their weekly maker time significantly to reduce the risk of Zoom burnout” said Iga Opanowicz, Sr. People Generalist, Guardant Health.

Customers can use Retention Paths to address groups of employees with similar risk factors such as bias, burnout, stagnation, and disconnection. Moreover, critical employees are surfaced in high-risk cohorts or groups who report to high-attrition managers. 

Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer of Lighthouse Research & Advisory, remarked: "Our research shows that employers struggle with retention because it's hard to know what specific steps to take. With Procaire retention paths, HR professionals now have the power of machine learning at their fingertips and can easily see the exact retention drivers for their best employees." 

After retention actions are taken, Procaire helps ensure follow-up and follow-through via retention workflows and optimizes future recommendations by gauging action efficacy over time. 

Procaire 3.0 is immediately available.

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