Praisidio’s Stance on Privacy: Data Privacy is Our Priority

September 10, 2021
By Ken Klein and Vahed Qazvinian
Praisidio’s Stance on Privacy: Data Privacy is Our Priority

Why Procaire

Employee attrition is an expensive and disruptive issue touching nearly every employer; for a typical enterprise, attrition costs can reach tens of millions of dollars per year. Beyond its obvious cost impact, attrition can bring down operations, growth, culture, branding, and even market capitalization. 

Studies continually reaffirm that changing jobs is a remarkable stressor. Even before leaving a job, though, many employees suffer long periods of disengagement, preventing them from doing their best work and harming company culture and productivity.  With Procaire, Praisidio’s talent risk management platform, enterprise system metadata can actually reveal talent risk insights and guide proactive care for employees at scale, measurably improving retention.

Data Privacy is our priority

To deliver on our mission of improving employee work-life and protecting enterprises from damaging attrition, we designed Procaire with an overwhelming focus on privacy. That means we’re thoughtful about the data we import, how we process it, how we manage and protect it, and what we use it for.

The Praisidio approach involves importing the minimum data necessary to reveal talent risk insights and then recommend employee retention actions. We don’t use browsing history, meeting names, email content, or any identifiable data that might diminish or undermine trust within a company. Procaire will suggest specific retention actions, but final determinations and implementation are at the discretion of leadership. 

To sum up Praisidio’s data privacy principles:

We only collect “enterprise public” data 

Procaire gathers data accessible only to management personnel. That means the only personal identifiable information (PII) that gets analyzed is what already exists in HCM systems of record. 

We only utilize metadata 

Procaire works with metadata only. This high-level information gets processed by the platform as triplets to understand who exactly did what, and when. 

APIs are privacy optimized 

Procaire supports more than 30 APIs, interfacing with a broad range of enterprise systems. APIs import only necessary meta-data on ingest, without the need for any post-process filtering.

We offer robust access control 

Procaire implements a fine-grained access control system, with a "group mode" option that can be configured to control who sees specific data and abstractions based on their role, organization, etc. 

Full GDPR compliance

Procaire supports the right to be forgotten; upon a specific, authorized request including an email address, Procaire will delete an indicated employee's data throughout our system. 

Open audits 

Praisidio emphasizes complete transparency. IT and Privacy staff are encouraged to review all imported data at any time. 

Data is gathered solely to benefit employees 

Procaire is designed to spot employee burnout, stagnation, disconnection, compensation or recognition deficits — even systemic bias. Management is alerted as early as possible to implement retention actions, improving employee work-life. 

Ultimate security

Though privacy is critical to establishing trust, high-level security is essential to protecting enterprise data. Procaire is SOC 2 Type II certified, which requires the most rigorous security processes in the industry.