Find and Help Those Most in Need of Employee Career Growth

Simplify career tracking and growth by instantly identifying and helping those at risk of stagnation. Praisidio makes it easy.

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Take the uncertainty out of
managing career growth

Employee career growth can be messy — endless spreadsheets, matrices, and tracking. But despite best efforts, millions of staff get left behind annually, leading to needless attrition that could have been avoided.

Tackle career growth with the talent intelligence

Praisidio gives you tangible insight into exactly which employees require career progression and are at risk of attrition. Actionable plans per employee make it simple to develop employees in need and save yourself millions in attrition costs.

See who’s at risk in real-time

Get instant insights into length of time in role, number of job changes, and length of tenure. See attrition risk ratings per employee or cohort based on analysis of data from across your org.

Drive career growth with targeted action plans

Stimulate career growth for those most at risk with targeted, actionable plans per employee. Intervene earlier than traditional approaches allow and prevent attrition proactively, without additional processes or time investments.

How to find and help employees in need of career growth

Connect Praisidio to your existing data sources in a matter of minutes

Praisidio analyses and identifies which employees are at risk

Intervene with actionable workflows tailored to the career growth risks detected

See how Praisidio’s predictive people analytics can help detect, analyze, and solve employee growth issues for your org.