Improve Employee Productivity with Scheduling Insights at Scale

Don’t let wasted time block productivity and innovation. Help your employees achieve more with time management insights and analysis. Praisidio makes it easy.

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Unlock a fortune of wasted time

Employees lose millions of hours annually to a shortage of Maker Time — the time in which productive work is done. Without clear oversight of who’s at danger, you risk throwing away a sizable chunk of your workforce’s productivity.

Instant insight into productivity risks

Praisidio uses advanced AI to give you real-time insight into which employees are at risk of chronic disruption along with actionable insights into how you can solve the root cause.

Identify missing Maker Time

See which departments, cohorts, and individuals are at risk of meeting overload,  compromised schedules and a lack of maker time. View insights across departments, cohorts, and individuals in a single easy-to-understand dashboard.

Use actionable workflows to free those at risk

Identifying pay gaps is one thing, tackling them is another. Praisidio provides actionable insights to help you tackle pay gap issues without adding to your team’s workload. Receive alerts to pay disparities and solve them with custom workflows tailored to the problem detected.

How to see and analyze productivity risks in your org

Connect Praisidio to your existing data sources in a matter of minutes

Machine learning analyses for risk across cohorts and individuals

Actionable insights guide you to the most effective intervention

Tackling productivity and lost time doesn’t have to be hard. See how Praisidio’s advanced AI software can detect and help solve productivity issues for your org.