Automatically Compile Your SB-1162 Pay Data Reports for Free

Save yourself weeks of work compiling your SB-1162 pay data report. Praisidio can do it for you in minutes. For free.

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Are you ready to file your first pay data report?

SB-1162 requires that all businesses with an establishment in California and more than 100 employees must start submitting pay data reports from May, 2023. Don’t underestimate the time required. Start preparing early.

Save 2 weeks or more of compilation and analysis

If done manually, the average corporation will require in excess of 2 weeks to complete their SB-1162 report. Praisidio’s free Pay Data Analysis Tool does it instantly. No stretching your team with more than 2 weeks of data compilation, entry, analysis, and formatting. No costly mistakes or late-night overtime.

Your SB-1162 report at the push of a button

Praisidio’s free Pay Data Analysis Tool uses your existing data to export SB-1162 reports whenever you need them. Receive your data compiled in the exact format and layout, divided by establishment, as required by law.

Identify and tackle pay gaps throughout the year

Submitting pay data reports is one thing, but acting on what you find is another. Praisidio makes it simple for you to find and analyze pay gaps in real time so that you can tackle them on an ongoing and systematic basis.

How to use Praisidio’s free Pay Data Analysis Tool

Connect Praisidio to your existing data sources in a matter of minutes

Your employee pay data is instantly analyzed and compiled

Export an SB-1162 compliant report whenever you need it

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